Our petit hotel is in the heart of Pest, in the so called Palace disctrict.
Let us tell you a little about it.


This area is in the 8. disctrict of Budapest, on the edge of two different world. its a very multicultural part of the city where luxury and poverty meets , creating a very interesting mixture.

The Palace disctrict is known for its stunning architecure and art. In the middle of 19th century the city’s noble families discovered this hidden area, and started to build their homes, palaces.

There are three kinds of typical building type in Mágnás Quarter. The richest residences have been built for themselves, such as Károlyi, or Festetics Palace and many other classicist miracles.

You can find more then 30 Palaces, each of them different and beautiful.

Those aristocrats who wanted to get revenue from their property, were planning a first floor with 6-18 bedroom suite for themselves. This is the upper, street front floors with large decorated balconies that it can be known.
This is where our hotel name origin: „Belle Étage”
Below you can see the original plane, where half of the house is missing.


These huge palaces in present days gives home to various institutions. Just to mention some bigger ones, the Wenckheim and Pálffy palace is now home of the Metropolitan Library. You can find here the Hungarian Radio, the Italian institute – former House of Representatives
And the National Museum, the first palace built, an iconic place of nowadays. Many people just go and sit on the stairs and enjoy sunshine.
The disctrict now has a vibrating, young and cultural athomsphere. More universities can be found here. Just around the corner you can find Mikszáth square with lots of cafes and restaurant, places to sit outside. In summer several picknick and festivals are held here. Just a little walk and you are already at the Danube (Liberty Bridge) Here is the well known Central Market Hall.
Disctrict VII whits the Jewish area and famous nightlife is just 10 minutes by walk.
This is the perfect place to start and discover the city and relax after it with the assistance of a dedicated team that is very attentive to the welcome and satisfaction of each and every guest.